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Used Tesla Prices Fall as Demand Softens and Competition Rises

The Tesla used-car price bubble may be coming to an end, which could have negative consequences for new car demand.

Tesla Falls Short of 2022 Delivery Target as EV Market Competition Heats Up

Tesla fell short, delivering approximately 1.31 million vehicles.

The Benefits of Implementing Chatbot Technology for Your Car Dealership

Chatbot technology revolutionizes the way car dealerships connect with potential customers and streamlines the sales process.

US Auto Sales Expected to Rebound in 2023

analysts predict that the market will see a rebound in 2023 as a recovery in vehicle production offsets the impact of rising interest rates and inflation.

The Auto Industry in Turmoil: How Rising Interest Rates and Supply Chain Issues are Affecting Car Sales

A look at how rising interest rates and supply chain problems are impacting the auto industry, including the effect on car prices and sales

Tesla Leads the Way in Making Electric Vehicles More Affordable: A Shift in the EV Market

Tesla, continue to lower prices on their electric cars.

CarSherpas: Revolutionizing Lead Generation for Car Dealerships

CarSherpas is a B2B SaaS company that provides an integrated platform for car dealerships to acquire and engage leads, resulting in increased sales and revenue through the use of cutting-edge tech.